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A Trekking we did go

We went on a trek on Saturday, 2nd March. Our Principal decided that the few of us who were not going for the night out with our parents will go trekking and it would be a four to five km long one.

I was tired even before we started. As we stepped out of the school campus, we all shouted in the excitement of seeing the world outside. We were careful to observe what we passed. We saw a tree on which there were many nests of tailor birds. We also saw parrots sitting on a shop roof. We were thrilled to see a newborn calf. It must have been just five days old!

We had a lot of fun but were tired of walking by now. Covering every kilometer was an achievement. At the end of every kilometer we would stop, sit, drink two sips of water and move on.

At last we reached our destination, a rest house. I was tired but I did not say anything. I was enjoying every moment and was very happy that I was able to walk this distance. After fifteen minutes of being there we spent some time collecting acorns, pine cones after which we started walking back to school. When we had almost reached the school, we took a little break. Each one of us got two toffees. As we started off once again we could hear the Azan from a nearby Masjid. We sang and marched that little distance to school to the rhythm of our songs. We were indeed happy to be back. We had our snacks, changed into comfortable clothes and crashed out.

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