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On Friday, in our F&B Production class, the senior girls were taught how to bake a sponge cake by Mrs. Ghosh.

We were all very excited to learn baking and the thrill we got after wearing the aprons is inexpressible. Ma'am is undoubtedly an expert and we hung on to every word that she said. It was clear, seeing the way that she was handling the ingredients, that our Principal was a past master!

After the batter was poured into the cake tin, we were welcomed to polish off the mixture which remained on the spatula and in the mixing bowl. It was heavenly! It gave us a pre-taste of how delicious the cake was actually going to be.

Following this was the long wait of forty minutes during which the cake baked in the oven. Fortunately, Mrs. Bhatia came to our rescue. She diverted our minds off the baking cake by giving us some valuable tips about baking.

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Eventually, the forty minutes came to an end and we were literally jumping with excitement to see how the cake would turn out. Unfortunately, it wasn't as we'd expected to be- it was still uncooked from the inside. We had to put it into the oven for another ten minutes but, alas! It was already time for us to head to the field for our routine sports. We were assured by the teachers that we would get the cake during our evening snacks. With this in mind, we reluctantly went for our games.

Finally, after yet another eternally long wait, it was time to gorge. The girls could be seen rushing into the cafeteria. With the cake melting in our mouth, I'm sure; all of us felt out-of-the-universe! It was so delicious, that we were literally clawing for the largest chunk. Luckily, everyone in the hall received a pretty large portion of the cake.

Just so you could experience the kind of enjoyment we had while baking and, of course, while eating the sumptuous, mouth-watering cake.

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