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Top 10 girls schools in india

Top 10 girls schools in india

As we walked down to the amphitheatre, we recalled the words spoken by our teachers, "It would be a night to remember", no instructions, nothing, just an advice to keep ourselves warm. We made our day to the theatre imagining an hour of sitting around a small fire with songs playing for us to dance on. But as we reached the amphitheatre we stopped in our tracks and stood there with our mouths open. The team responsible for putting up the bonfire had surely outdone themselves.

There was a grand fire lit at the very heart of the theatre with seats surrounding it. Our favourite beats played on the speakers behind a variety of delicacies that covered the tables and the colourful lights lit up on the stage as if they were inviting us for a dance.

Farah ma'am, the organizer of the event waited for us. She had some roasted marshmallows in her hand and as we approached her, she asked, "why the silence" as if on cue all of us shouted with glee. Some of us ran to the dance floor, some made their way to the food tables and some just stood there too stunned to move.

It was sure a night we all would remember. We danced our hearts out and munched on popcorn and marshmallows. We even played group games like 'Fire in the Mountain' and towards the end stuffed ourselves with sweet potatoes, lip smacking baked potatoes, the crispy burger, fruit salad, finger licking barbeque and the warm soup. To top it all for dessert we were served delicious hot jalebis! Later we thanked the Principal and the night ended with us tapping our feet to the rhythm of 'Happy' as we made our way back to dormitories, exhausted but content.
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