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international girls residential school in india


International girls residential school in india

Cultivating the Gift of the Gab. Ecole Globale International Girls' school organized 2013 Inter House Just A Minute Competition. An excellent tool to improve thinking skills and to enhance speaking powers, the Jam session generated a lot of enthusiasm as well as jitters amongst the participants since the topics were given on the spot and the contestants got a mere one minute to prepare their speech. The contestants were divided into junior and senior categories. The girls were judged on relevance of the content, correctness of language, confidence, ability to speak without pause and delivery (eye contact, pronunciation, voice modulation). Akshata, Anusha, Samya and Ananya represented Terra, Aer, Ignis and Aqua in the junior category respectively. Akshata Joshi was the first to speak and she spoke non-stop on 'Free time', making it amusing for the audience that clapped excitedly at everything she uttered . Anusha was next and she spoke on 'My Hobby.' She was calm and collected and did justice to the content as well. Samya had to speak on a simple topic, 'My Bed.' She started off confidently and her delivery was impressive. Ananya had to speak on 'Nature.' The senior category had Vasundhara, Chetanya, Shraddha and Arushi from Terra, Aer, Ignis and Aqua respectively. Vasundhara took full advantage of the easy topic, 'Student life.' and spoke fluently and comprehensively. Chetanya got the topic 'Youth' and Shraddha had to talk on 'Freedom of Speech.'. Arushi spoke about 'Happiness.' Before announcing the results, the Principal, Mrs. Ghosh commented that while one minute seems to be a very short duration to prepare for the topic, this same one minute appears to be very long when one has to speak. 'Presence of Mind and quick thinking is essentialto do well in such a competion, 'she said. Amongst the Juniors, Anush

a from Aer was the winner and Vasundhara from Terra won in the senior category.
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