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In this rat race called life, expectations and disappointments run neck- to- neck. Expectations drive our lives. Sometimes the consequence is sheer elation, and at the other times- and this is more often it is disappointment. There are a hundred and one reasons why we do the things that we do. One of them, surely, is to pander to the expectations of others. Teenagers, who are unable to trudge past the barrier of id, take to smoking and drinking because they think their peers expect that of them. You want to rank number one in class, because your teachers expect that. Your family expects it. Your friends expect it. We all expect. We expect, we get. Most of the time. Sometimes we expect, and we don't get. But that's permitted isn't it? Again is it okay? These benchmarks people set for others? Is it not tedious to have to live up to something that isn't yours, always? Don't get me wrong. Its not just about doing something right. It's all about being responsible for someone else's happiness all the time! It's about that moment in life then you want to take credit for that smile, to shove aside the gloom that descends on your loved one because of something you have done wrong. Or simply left undone. Sigh! Why is it that people impose on somebody else, their own dreams and desires? How long can one continue to cater to these, often unreasonable longings of another? It's time to introspect.

Megha Rathi
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